I am a product and furniture designer, graduated from Kingston University. Currently, I am working as an interactive exhibition designer in London. I have a strong interest in human behaviour and how this affects everyday design.

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A convenient alternative to the typical iron, acknowledging behavioural habits by focusing on panels and sections of garments, such as collars and sleeves. An iron that accommodates a busy lifestyle, eliminating the need for an ironing board.

Features include three heat settings in accordance with universal ironing symbols. Two aluminium plates apply pressure to both sides of the fabric due to the hinging mechanism. A heat resistant sleeve allows the iron to be stored away neatly immediately after use.

6 day greenwood chair making course Westonbirt Arboretum Gloucestershire.

A course that provided new skills such as using spoke shaves, pole lathes and learning how to steam bend wood, in the outdoors minus sandpaper and electricity.

The result, a contemporary take on the traditional Windsor chair.

A pint measuring jug or 568ml?

A measuring jug featuring both metric and imperial units. Using the existing form of an iconic pint glass, encouraging a more familiar perception of volume.

Measure and how it is perceived. It has changed from being regional and based the human form to followed by standardisation. A project looking in particular at how this is made tangible through volume. The jug was informed from a vast amount of research into volume and perception through various models and experiments.

Jug prototyped by Dixon Glass, currently looking for a manufacturer.

Re designing the bike light, without fixtures or fittings, making convenience and adaptability paramount.

Requires two 3V lithium batteries.
Injection moulded Cellulose acetate Propionate (CAP).
Aluminium pin and spring for mechanism.
Memory foam lining.
Ribbon connector links leds to batteries.
Movement of mechanism switches light on and off.

A project looking at the rituals surrounding tea. Encouraging the use of a teapot, as tea bags are often less of a social experience due to teabags and the kettle being located in the kitchen, making it a more isolated experience.

A strainer and lid encouraging neatness. Providing a home for a teaspoon and strainer, allowing loose tea to become more appealing, using a tea pot then becomes less of a chore.